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monthly notes 


Artist's Statement February 2016

I am a Victoria born painter and have been studying painting and drawing since early childhood. 

My understanding of nature is as a harmony of energies that must all work together. The profusion and growth rhythms of flowers and plant life create a visual music for me. I use organic elements such as water, earth, rock, and botanical subjects to convey the vitality, flow, and movement of the life force. 

In my current work I take multitudinous photos while traveling through different landscapes from the deserts to the coastlines of western North America. I use chalk pastel to create coloured line drawings of the collected photo material and then use acrylic paint and chalk pastel to render both line drawing and painting together.  

My work is inspired by the hardy and unique plants of the south western deserts and coasts as they each contribute something of themselves to the whole functioning ecology. They supply food to animals, pollen and moisture to bees and insects, shelter to animals, rodents, desert turtles and birds as well as shade and hollows for their homes and hives. There are medicinal plants that first nation tribes have used for centuries. They have an intricacy, complexity and diversity of structure, shape and colour, especially in the spring when their blooms light up and colour the land. 

These very unique areas of the Pacific Northwest American continent are changing and disappearing due to global warming. Hence my passion to paint some of their ecology.


Husband of the Artist Statement:

As I walk through life, I pass by a multitude of marvelous and beautiful things. Kirsten stops; taking each moment as something precious that must be savored. And I, much later, have the opportunity to enjoy what I have passed by, and did not see.


Husband, Web master, Framer, Housekeeper, Patron.