studio 222
VICTORIA, British Columbia


monthly notes

 I am planning  a retrospective exhibition called “Explorations: Past, Present and Future” to open May 8th continuing to May 19th at the Gage Gallery Collective at 2031 Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria.

I am excited about this opportunity to show some of the twists, turns and adventures my painting journey has taken since I completed a four year diploma program at Victoria College of Art in 1982. Although I did a number of studies before that including all the way back to age 12 at the Vancouver School of Art, age 16 with Charles Stegemen and Francois Andre and age 17 with a Scholarship to the Banff School of Fine Art, I believe the College was the most solid step towards producing serious work.

I am planning to exhibit  a few special samples of a number of steps taken thru the years, some very experimental, some impressionistic, and some leaning more to abstraction before eventually arriving at my current botanical and landscape style of painting. Where to from here??? Come and see.



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