studio 222
VICTORIA, British Columbia


monthly notes


My show at the Gage Gallery near the end of March was very successful. I felt quite overwhelmed with warmth and the enthusiasm to get right back into the studio. My paintings found many new homes with both dear old friends and new friends including lovely people from Winnipeg and Colorado. 

Plans are forming for some exploration and adventure north to the Yukon in a newer smaller R.V. next year with new painting subjects in mind and a new camera too. 

Meanwhile I have eleven years of memories, photos, sketches, and painting subjects of our travels in the Pacific south and northwest states and provinces. Home in Victoria and Vancouver Island is also full to overwhelming with glorious visuals. There is never enough time!

I have completed a painting of Nootka Roses from memories of a visit to Nootka Sound and visit to historical Nootka Island and it will go into a group show at the Gage Gallery celebrating our Canada's 150th anniversary near the end of July. 



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